Stratech's iFerret™ spreads its wings with new products designed to widen its market reach

  • New – Super EOS™, an upgraded iFerret™ system with up to 200x zoom capability; also applicable to border and maritime surveillance
  • New – iFerret™ Hydra helps to improve airport safety in low visibility conditions
  • New – iFerret™ Mobile has been innovatively designed for smaller airports or those looking to broaden runway surveillance
  • Proves the adaptability of iFerret™ to provide customised solutions for specific safety and surveillance needs on land and sea

Singapore, 18 February 2016 – Even as the iFerret™ is fast gaining acceptance as an effective real time system for foreign objects and debris (FOD) detection and surveillance on runways, this highly versatile system of The Stratech Group Limited (Stratech or the Group) is spreading its wings with extended capabilities designed to widen its market reach.

With the intelligent Vision-based iFerret™ airfield/runway surveillance and FOD detection system as the base infrastructure, the Group unveiled its three newly developed products – the Super EOS™, iFerret™ Hydra and iFerret™ Mobile – for enhanced border and maritime surveillance as well as specific airport safety needs at the Singapore Airshow 2016 today.

Executive Chairman Dr David K.M. Chew said: “Our latest product offering proves how powerful and versatile the iFerret™ is as the system can be easily and effectively adapted to provide customised solutions for various specific safety and surveillance needs on land and sea.

“Our wider iFerret™ product range has opened new doors for us to expand our market reach, offering exciting growth prospects for Stratech. We will continue to build on the intellectual property we have in intelligent Vision-based systems to realise the full potential of iFerret™ to support the world’s ever-growing safety requirements.”

Just launched, the Super EOS™ has up to 200x zoom capability and is able to provide unparalleled visual verification and identification of FODs/targets, making it an invaluable system for long range surveillance needs. Because of these new enhanced features, the Super EOS™ can also be deployed for border and maritime surveillance.

Fitted with ultra low light image sensors, Stratech's iFerret™ detects, tracks and identifies FODs on runways under low visibility conditions. However, the Group's new iFerret™ Hydra further extends this capability to improve airport safety in extreme low visibility conditions created by weather conditions like fog, haze or smog. This has been made possible because iFerret™ Hydra is equipped with additional special sensors which can recognise FODs based on temperature difference rather than visual images.

Dr David K.M. Chew added: “An airport's runway approach/landing category determines the level of visibility conditions which the airport and its incoming and outgoing aircraft are expected to operate in. Our iFerret™ is already able to perform in low visibility conditions under CAT II and CAT IIIa airport operations, but the new iFerret™ Hydra can operate in extreme low visibility conditions under CAT IIIb and CAT IIIc airport operations. We therefore have a solution for every airport.”

The Group's third new product – the iFerret™ Mobile – is highly suitable for airports which already have fixed-base FOD detection systems but want to improve overall runway surveillance and safety. The system is attached onto a vehicle which ‘sweeps’ the ground for FOD detection and pavement condition monitoring, enhancing safety by broadening an airport's runway surveillance. The system is easily upgradable with 3D laser scanners and runway vacuum sweepers. The iFerret™ Mobile is therefore a highly suitable and affordable option for airports with less traffic.

The iFerret™ has been increasingly deployed at major international airports since its certification by the US Federal Aviation Administration in 2012. Its customers include Singapore’s Changi Airport, Dubai International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Miami International Airport.

On 15 February 2016, the iFerret™ was selected for performance assessment of airport ground surveillance systems in the US. The performance of iFerret™, as well as its operational viability and cost effectiveness as a surveillance system to track aircraft and ground vehicle traffic in non-movement areas such as apron, terminal and cargo areas, will provide key information to develop the criteria for an Advisory Circular relating to low cost ground surveillance systems in US airports. Its adoption is also expected to open a new market segment for Stratech.


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