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Vessel Identification and Positioning System (VIPS)®

- intelligent Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance System

Imagine the convenience and effectiveness of a security and surveillance system that manages vessel traffic and facilitates protection of ports, ships and water-side strategic assets.

The Vessel Identification and Positioning System (VIPS®) employs advanced intelligent Vision techniques to detect, identify, track vessels and predict their path in real-time. To facilitate tracking, it has intelligent algorithms to provide information such as length, height, vessel type (vessel classification), latitude, longitude, velocity, heading and time. The system circumvents problems associated with existing radar-based surveillance systems, such as blind spots and resolution limitations, thereby enhancing the capabilities of port operators, and in turn port security. Round-the-clock coastal surveillance is achieved by installing cameras at strategic points, and constantly monitoring the waterway via a remote centralised command and control management.

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  • Automatic Vessel Detection, Identification, and Classification
    • Includes ALL passenger and commercial vessels
    • Real-time detection of intrusion and maritime traffic enforcement (out-of-bounds zone, anchor-watch zone, speeding in low-speed zone, etc.)
    • Determines vessel length, height and type

  • Automatic Vessel Tracking
    • Auto-zooms onto target vessels
    • Tracks target vessel’s dynamic information (position, speed, course) in real-time

  • Automatic Vessel Prediction
    • Provides early warning for collision avoidance with its prediction capability

  • Intelligent fusion of vision, radar and underwater sonar
    • Integrated with existing radar systems for long distance/wide area coverage

  • Automated validation and enforcement of International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
    • Automated Identification System (AIS) compliance

  • Vessel Data Logging
    • Database includes static, dynamic and voyage specific vessel information
    • Enables video replay and scene reconstruction for incident investigation and vessel route analysis

  • Graphical User Interface
    • Parameters such as Region of Interest (ROI), Alarm Zones and Rules, Maritime Security (MARSEC) Levels and Classification Levels can be configured on the screen display

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