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Super EOS™

Stratech Super Electro-Optic Sensor System

iFerret™ RADAS
The Stratech Super EOS™ (Electro-Optic Sensor System) is a superior image-capturing and video-recording system, ideally suited for a host of critical operations such as threat or damage assessment. Equipped with a wide range of capabilities, this highly versatile system can be adapted successfully for many different applications that demand absolute precision and reliability. It can be configured and customized for deployment in various environments, including marine surveillance, tactical reconnaissance, law enforcement and wildlife conservation. Armed with excellent night vision, the Super EOS™ provides colour images in Full High Definition resolution both day and night, even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, its 200x zoom capability allows unparalleled visual verification and identification, which makes it particularly effective for long-range surveillance.


Key Benefits of Super EOS™

  • Superior image quality
  • Revolutionizing Night Vision
  • All weather performance
  • Powerful zoom capability
  • Panoramic Overview
  • Remote operations
  • Scalable
  • intelligent Vision
  • Zero emissions
  • Video recordings
  • Optional Multi-spectrum visibility
  • Optional illumination
  • Portable configuration


Download Super EOS™ brochure.

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