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intelligent Vision (iV) Reference Projects

Type of System:

iVACS® - Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS)

Location: USA

A large secured US Government agency is using Stratech’s iVACS® - intelligent Vehicle Access Control System - to scan all the vehicles’ undercarriages that are entering its secured premise.

This secured site, which has more than 1,000 employees, is a busy place where vehicles of all sizes from a small sedan car to large container trucks and trailers enter the secured premise regularly. Previously, vehicle inspection took a long time as security personnel used a manual inspection mode by using an inspection mirror to screen the undercarriage. This is a challenging process as it is time consuming and tedious to scan a 64 feet trailer undercarriage thoroughly. Human frailties such as the screener's alertness, training and environmental conditions hinders the vehicle screening process, hence does not ensuring a safe and thorough check.

To overcome these challenges, the US Goverment agency evaluated iVACS® and found it to be a suitable solution to replace their manual inspection system. They were impressed with its capabilities and service.

An embedded version of iVACS® is being deployed in two of their lanes. iVACS® offer the following benefits:

  • Unsuppressed image quality – Capturing a photo-like image presenting the entire undercarriage into a single view
  • Automated Foreign Object Detection – Ability to identify abnormality such as foreign object (bombs) and modifications done to the undercarriage
  • Speeds up the whole inspection process – Capture the entire undercarriage within a few seconds. Security officers are able to make rapid decision on allowing vehicles to enter the premises