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intelligent Vehicle Access Control System

iVACS®iVACS® screens vehicle undercarriages for potential security threats such as IEDs – improvised explosive devices. Stratech invented the intelligent under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS), which is capable of automatic inspection of vehicle undercarriages, and provides alerts when suspicious foreign objects or abnormalities are detected.

Flexible for a wide range of security applications and adaptable to potential site constraints, iVACS® is available in three configurations (Fixed Base, Mobile and Robotics) to aid security agencies in conducting quick and thorough inspections of all vehicle types.

iVACS® delivers unmatched highresolution, photo-quality undervehicle images in real-time. It can also adapt itself to screening the undercarriages of vehicles of varying lengths.

iVACS® GUIiVACS® is one of the important products of the Stratech intelligent Vision DNA. There have been several rounds of enhancements to make iVACS® into a comprehensive vehicle and personnel access control management system. iVACS® now even performs identification screening for the driver and passengers in the vehicle using biometrics. These provide a comprehensive solution at screening checkpoints that cover all security requirements.

One of the many competitive advantages of iVACS® is Network Intelligence, which is very useful for large, networked deployments such as Smart City Projects. The unique Network Intelligence capability of iVACS® is designed to tighten the security of secure facilities with multiple entrances and exits, for multiple secure facilities to share their databases, and for the command and control of these secure facilities.

The system also comes with the option for expansion to include the capability to automatically scan vehicle trunks for hazardous materials (HAZMAT) without even needing to open the trunk. Known as iVACS® Gen. X, the system is able to perform more thorough inspection of vehicles, and also allows security officers to conduct vehicle inspections from a distance, safeguarding their safety in the event the vehicles are laden with dangerous materials.

iVACS® Workflow Diagram

iVACS® has another application—iVACS® Rail. For iVACS® Rail, iVACS® is adapted to provide security scans on the undercarriages of trains. By employing iVACS®’s superior imaging technologies and intelligent software, iVACS® Rail scans, detects and allows for validation of potential threats like explosive devices planted on the underside of the train carriages.

In recent tenders for large orders of Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems, iVACS® has continually proven itself to be among the best vehicle access control solutions. In fact, the system has been deployed in highlysecure installations spanning all six continents – Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

Download iVACS® brochure.

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