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iFerret™ Mobile

The Future of Airfield Safety and Security

iFerret™ RADAS
iFerret™, is an intelligent Vision-based Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System that provides real-time, automated FOD detection, location, measurement and recording.

Using Stratech's intelligent Vision software and state-of-the-art Electro-Optic (EO) Sensors, iFerret™ automatically detects, locates, measures and records FOD in commercial airports and military air bases. Upon detection of FOD, iFerret™ enables operators to zoom in on the subject for visual verification.

Riding of iFerret™ revolutionary technologies approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, iFerret™ Mobile is capable of FOD Detection, Airfield Surveilland & Pavement Condition Monitoring. Equipped with a runway vacuum sweeper, iFerret™ Mobile complements the fixed base FOD Detection system, it is also an affordable option for airports / air bases with lesser aircraft movements.


Key Benefits of iFerret™ Mobile

  • Multi-Sensors for Foreign Object & Debris Detection System:
    • Capable of FOD Detection, Airfield Surveillance & Pavement Condition Monitoring
    • With Full HD Visible Spectrum Electro-optic Sensor System
    • Millimeter Wave Radar
    • 3D Laser Scanner as option
    • Runway Vacuum Sweeper as option
    • Possible to use Airport furnished vehicle
    • Autonomous / Self-Driving as option


Download iFerret™ Mobile brochure.

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