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iFerret™ BDA

The Future of Airfield Battle Damage Assessment

iFerret™ RADAS
In September 2013, iFerret™ was selected for deployment by one of the world’s top Air Forces. This marks the first time that iFerret™ will be installed in an air base, and it marks iFerret™’s entry into a previouslyuntapped market. This market is the military air base market.

Airfield safety and security in an Air Force context is arguably even more critical than in civil aviation. Military aircraft typically cost millions of dollars to build and due to the way they operate, they are very susceptible to FOD damage. When we also consider the fact that many of these aircraft might be carrying large amounts of explosives during takeoff, the consequences of FOD incidents in a military airfield can be catastrophic.

The iFerret™ Battle Damage Assessment (iFerret™ BDA) capability is one of the key additional features of this particular application of iFerret™, which is the result of a synergistic fusion with Super BullsEye® II. With this additional feature, iFerret™ will
be able to rapidly detect, locate, categorise and measure the severity of damages and hazards on the runways and taxiways. It can even chart the damages resulting from an enemy attack, in the event one takes place, and provide a detailed report of the damages very swiftly, which will be useful in the context of Air Force operations. The iFerret™ hardware installed in such deployments will also be designed to withstand the relatively harsher working conditions in an air base.

Being an intelligent Vision-based system, iFerret™ operates with passive sensor technology, making it much more suitable for military deployment than other FOD detection systems. iFerret™ does not require assisted illumination or produce emissions, unlike other conventional radar-based systems used for FOD detection. This is important because the system will not interfere with the other sophisticated equipment used in Air Force operations, and it also eliminates the risk of the system
exposing the air base’s location to the enemy.


Download iFerret™ BDA brochure.

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