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Super BullsEye® II

Advanced Weapons Scoring System

Super BullsEye® IISuper BullsEye® is an advanced weapons scoring system which can detect and score the impacts of most known weapons and ammunitions. Over the years, the system has been continually developed to enhance its capabilities. This has resulted in Super BullsEye® II.

The system has been deployed with several military forces in the world. This list includes the Air, Sea and Land Forces in different countries. This is testimony of the system’s capabilities and versatility.

Its distinctive ability to score over land as well as on water makes it stand out as the system that can be used by the Air, Sea and Land forces. Super BullsEye® II is able to operate both in the day and night. Further, the system is able to perform scoring for most known ammunition, both for live and training rounds. These, together with its portability, allow for flexible deployment of the system in a comprehensive variety of training and assessment scenarios.

Super BullsEye® II Workflow Diagram

The system can automatically detect and score the impacts of missiles, rockets, bombs and small rounds with high precision, locating all visible weapon impacts to an accuracy of one metre. Be it single or multiple hits, Super BullsEye® II provides fast and accurate feedback for weapons training and defence exercises.

The Super BullsEye® II can be integrated with systems like the Electronic Warfare Training System (EWTS) and Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) System. It can also perform firing profile and trajectory analysis, by monitoring and recording the flight path of the aircraft before, during and after the attack. Super BullsEye® II has the ability to track projectiles of varying calibres and velocities.


For more information, download Super BullsEye® brochure.