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intelligent Border Control Systems for HK Immigration

Type of System : Automated Passenger Vehicle Clearance system

Customer : Hong Kong Immigration

Description : Leveraging on the successful implementation of the Vehicle Entry/Exit Permit system for the Singapore Land Transport Authority that was completed in year 2000, the Group clinched a prestigious Hong Kong Immigration contract in May 2004. Led by ATAL Technologies Limited, one of the largest Engineering Groups in Hong Kong and Greater China, we are part of the consortium, which includes Electronic Data Systems Corporation, a world-class information technology solutions provider that has secured the large-scale border-crossing project.

Leveraging on our intelligent Vision and intelligent Transport Systems technologies, Stratech developed and supported the first fully Automated Passenger Vehicle Clearance system, the next generation high-security border crossing system. It is a sophisticated, high-tech and automated real-time solution that utilises advanced vision technology, biometrics, and smartcard technology to provide efficient vehicle and passenger checks and verification in the clearance process.

The Hong Kong contract marked yet another milestone for Stratech in providing world-class border-crossing Homeland Security systems.