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Integrated Knowledge Management System (KMS) for Parliament and Court Reporting

Parliaments and Courts all over the world are challenged with the daunting task of managing their knowledge database and maintaining their huge repository of documents. SmartReports™ is an integrated knowledge management solution for capturing, validating, managing and disseminating parliamentary and judicial debates, discussions and documents. Based on the Hansard Indexing system, SmartReports™ is tailored for use by parliaments, courts, as well as secretariats to the legal community, government agencies and public interest organisations.

With SmartReports™, users can better manage, access and retrieve the official reports via the Internet/Intranet. It also facilitates the courts in recording the proceedings. It transcribes and formats them for quick dissemination, and provides a workflow for deployment to the website. It even has an intelligent contextual search function to enable interested parties to search the knowledge database.


  • Multiple platform support
    • Can be deployed on both Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows operating systems

  • Powerful indexing tools
    • Uses Hansard indexes to effectively organise/manage/search bills, policies, debates and reports

  • Intelligent search function
    • Powerful and accurate report search engine through advanced pattern matching technologies

  • Efficient workflow management
    • Provides an environment that enhances parliamentary and courts procedures through automatic workflow and publishing capabilities

  • Secure, scalable and high performance
    • Robust management for millions of documents
    • Scalable to manage different configurations of documents and users accessing the system


  • Automated tool to meet/transform reporting requirements:
    • Faster turnaround, earlier task completion
    • Automated tasks and tools support
    • Ease of use
    • Powerful search: more accurate, flexible

  • Reduce costs and enrich human capital
    • Remove mundane tasks and free up more time for value-added contribution

  • Faster report delivery from pages of text to knowledge management and web-based

  • Contributes to e-Government goals: G2C communication, enhanced transparency and accountability
For more information, download SmartReports™ brochure.