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Mega Online Medical/Healthcare Claims/Payment Processing and Proration System

SmartCare™ is a web-based medical claims/payment processing and proration system developed for governments, corporations, healthcare insurance companies and healthcare service providers. It offers cost savings and increased productivity through central management and processing of healthcare benefits and medical claims information over the Internet/Intranet.

The system provides real-time and reliable electronic means to access and submit medical benefits and claims information, and to manage the payment to healthcare service providers, co-payment between employers and employees, as well as insurance claims. All entitlements are clearly defined, and all claims are verified and audited.

SmartCare™ currently serves more than 300,000 civil servants and their dependents in Singapore.


  • Computer telephony integration
  • Scheme/policy administration with enterprise rule-engine
  • Electronic document management with centralised database
  • Entitlement information enquiry
  • Electronic submission of claims
  • Online tracking of claims/bill information
  • Timely processing and retrieval of claims
  • Online settlement of outstanding bills
  • Print reports for analysis


  • Accurate information available from a central repository pertaining to employee entitlements and medical schemes
  • Electronic means to access and submit accurate medical benefits and claim information
  • Means of evaluating costs implications when evaluating applicable medical entitlements by employees
  • Timely and accurate computation of claims
  • Reduce costs related to error or manual claims processing
  • Optimise operational efficiency
For more information, download SmartCare™ brochure.